Tupperware SmartSteamer

This is one of my favorite Tupperware Products!

I love using the SmartSteamer. I save time and I make healthy suppers for my family.


Tupperware SmartSteamer Video

Also See What Dr Oz Has To Say About The SmartSteamer!

Tupperware SmartSteamer Dr Oz Video

The amazing Smart Steamer featured on Dr Oz, is truly one of the most amazing product of all time!

Tupperware SmartSteamer

Make perfectly steamed food in your microwave. This product blocks microwaves from cooking foods and directs them to the Water Tray instead, causing the water to boil and steam to rise. Our two-tired system lets you steam one or two foods at once. Includes Water Tray, Steamer Base, Colander Tray and Cover.

Comes in Moss/Guacamole color.

1160   $167.00

Also add a 9-Pc. Accessory Set

Add recipe versatility to your Tupperware SmartSteamer. Includes eight, 2 1/2-oz./80 mL CrystalWave Ramekins with seals for storing and a 2-cup/500 mL Slow-Cooking Sauce Insert.

Comes in Moss/Guacamole color.

1162    $43.75

Not sure what kind of recipes to cook in your SmartSteamer?

Try our New Smart Meals Recipe Book!

Eat right and enjoy it too! This collection features 24 flavorful, easy-to-make recipes for the Tupperware SmartSteamer and its accessories. Satisfy the most demanding palates with meals that use everyday ingredients and support daily nutritional guidelines.

1161   $18.00

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