Gifts And Stuff!!

Tupperware Has Something For Everyone! And For Every Occasion!

Grad is coming up real quick! These growing children of ours are leaving the nest to go to school! They need easy ways to cook or warm up their food! One of the first gifts I gave my oldest who is now 21 is the Tupperware SmartSteamer! The best way to make sure they cook healthy food! Trust me … she uses it all the time and loves it! She can make gourmet meals and ended up loving to cook, but cook healthy! Now my second daughter is graduating this year and she needs kitchen items to start of her adventure in the adult world!  The SmartSteamer again is a must and she asked for it too!! So easy for them to use and it also eases a mother’s mind!

 The Crystal Wave Bowls are wonderful as well. A great starter kit for that bride that is also needing kitchen items or just a great way to reheat your yummy leftovers for work the next day!

The Tupperware items that I use everyday are:

The Smooth Chopper! I make my 10 month old son all his purees with this wonderful product! The best food I could feed him is my food! I know exactly what I put in his food and make sure he eats healthy! I can bring this wonder with me anywhere I go! No need for electricity, just add the food in the container with the blade in the bottom, put the lid on and pull the string!! Voilà! Food for the baby ready for him to eat in just a few seconds! Can’t beat that when in a restaurant. No need to ask for puree food. Oh and by the way most restaurants won’t puree the food for your baby! We don’t deprive ourselves from going to the restaurant. I bring only what I neeed.  Diapers, wipes, one bottle, one spoon and the Smooth Chopper!  The great thing about the Smooth Chopper is that you can puree really soft and fine or chunky! It’s up to you!

The SmartSteamer is another genius invention from Tupperware!! I love this product! I steam my veggies all the time with it! You all know that by boiling your veggies you also drain your veggies of all their good stuff! Steam your veggies see the difference in the color! Dr Oz is a big believer in the SmartSteamer. I steam my salmon or any kind of fish for that matter! I steam my chicken. How healthier do you need to be? The SmartSteamer is one of my all time favorite product that Tupperware has on the market today! My husband feels the same way! The food tastes so much better this way. I haven’t looked back ever since I tried the SmartSteamer! No MORE boiling for this gal!!

Tupperware also have a variety of pitchers. I use two  1 3/4 Qt. / 1.75L Pitcher every single day! I use them for my son’s formula! I store the formula in the fridge for 48 hours and switch off the pitchers when it’s empty. The Push-button seal is great to keep his formula fresh!

The Universal Series Knife Set is the only knife set I own! I started off by buying the Starter Set for $71 and ended up getting the whole full set for free with my first Tupperware Party! I got lots of goodies that night! I was so excited to shop and have nothing to pay in the end! I thank my guests at that Tupperware Party for making a girl happy! (you know who you are!!) Now I started something the day I had my mom over for supper and she wanted to help me in the kitchen. She got rid of her knives at home and bought the complete set as well!  My sister now is wanting the same! Maybe if she’s good, Santa might just bring her a set!!

The other great cooking tool to make my food taste great is the Tupperware Simple Indulgence Italian Herb Seasoning Blend!! Ok this stuff is good! It’s a must try for everyone!! Not expensive at all and I use these herbs in everything!! Everyone loves them. I give them away as gifts to my friends and family when they come over. A wonderful Seasoning to add to your collection of favorites! In the catalog a 2 oz bag is $11.00 and worth every penny spent!! Mmmm! 

There are so many other products that I love to use in my everyday cooking adventures, and I have to say it has made me a better cook! Everything is made easy! Anyone can cook like a PRO!!  I save so much time with a lot of these products and eat well! I also make sure my family eats well too! What else could I do to show them I love them? Feed them good foods! ok well besides Hugs and Kisses!! ;o)

Feel free to browse in the Spring Catalog and find your new favorite kitchen gadget!!  

Happy Shopping!!

Click On The Icon and Tell Me What Product You Chose!!


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