My name is Johanne Bonneau!

Welcome to my site!

A long time ago I took the Tupperware Opportunity. Those days I was a stay at home mom  with my two beautiful girls! That was over 18 years ago! I stayed with Tupperware for almost 6 years!

Now again I find myself a stay at home mom with a new addition to our family! A beautiful baby boy! So I quit my job and started all over with the Tupperware Opportunity…again! This time around I found that some of the products have changed, changed for the best! Wow the colors, the new products Tupperware came up with!! I saw so many new products that I honestly couldn’t resist! !!

I thougth I would take Tupperware to the next level by adding a website / blog. I hope you enjoy the site as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

Here you can ask questions about Tupperware… maybe you are needing a recipe or a questions about that missing lid? Or even need a replacement for a broken product.

Follow my link to Facebook, there you will find recipes for all kinds of different Tupperware Products!

To contact me:

Johanne Bonneau       514-674-1730

Email: jo.tupperwaresolutions@gmail.com

Online Shopping: http://my.tupperware.ca/jotupperwaresolutions

Facebook Link: http://facebook.com/jostupperwaresolutions



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