Tupperware Fundraiser

Why Use Tupperware To Help You Fundraise?

 For more than 50 years, Tupperware has provided households around the world with quality products and service all backed by a trusted name! And now, Tupperware can offer you the same quality and service for your own fundraising campaign! When you choose Tupperware as your Fundraising partner, you’ll receive quality products, professional sales materials and personalized service. As importantly, the people who support your organization will be receiving the same quality products, materials and personalized service they’ve come to expect from Tupperware.

How Will Your Organization Benefit?

  1. 40% of all retail sales go directly to your organization
  2. Organization receives payment immediately following the fundraiser.
  3. Product is delivered about 10 days after the order is placed
  4. Partnership with a trusted product and name – Tupperware!

I will enclosed a sample of our Fundraising catalogue and a collection envelope so you can see first hand the quality of the materials your organization will receive. With more than 65 products to select from, there is something for everyone.

I would love to schedule a time to meet with you to discuss your Tupperware Fundraising campaign and how your organization can earn 40% of your total Fundraising sales!

I will call you to review the program and/or to set a convenient time for us to talk. Just leave your Name and Number where  you can be reached via email (see below). Just add a comment on this page and feel free to ask questions!!

You can contact me:

Johanne Bonneau

514-674-1730 or

by email:


Please Take Note:

Should you for any reason need to cancel your event, please let me know.

 If we reschedule your event within three (3) months of the initial cancellation, there will not be a restocking fee assessed. Fundraisers cancelled after the materials have been contributed will be assessed a $100 materials/processing fee and any other associated product or materials costs.


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