Tupperware How To’s


How to Remove Tomato Sauce Stains from Tupperware

Tupperware food storage containers and plates stand up to a great deal of wear  and tear, lasting for years when cared for properly. Although the durable  plastic containers are easy to maintain, some foods are notorious for leaving  unsightly stains — tomato sauce is one of them. The lypocene in tomatoes leaves  behind a telltale red or orange stain in Tupperware containers, accompanied by a  residual odor. Remove these stains with supplies from within your home.

  1. Set the Tupperware container on a towel in direct sunlight, either outdoors or  near a window. Leave the container in the sunlight for a few hours so the sun  can bleach the stain.
  2. Soak a clean sponge in white vinegar. Sprinkle baking soda over one side of the  sponge to cover it. Scrub the remaining tomato sauce stain with the mixture to  lift the stain and deodorize the plastic. Rinse the Tupperware container with  water.
  3. Treat any remaining tomato sauce stain by pouring chlorine bleach into the  Tupperware container to cover the stain. Let the bleach work on the stain for  two to three minutes before rinsing the container with cold water.
  4. Wash the Tupperware container with dishwashing detergent and a sponge. Use hot  water to help remove any greasy residue left by the tomato sauce. Rinse the  container with water before drying it with a towel.

How to Clean Tupperware With Dark Rings on the Inside

Tupperware storage containers keep food fresh in the refrigerator or freezer,  allowing you to keep your storage area organized and efficient. Although  Tupperware’s durable plastic surface holds up to a lot of wear and tear,  exposure to certain foods can leave dark rings or stains on the inside of the  containers. Tomato-based and greasy foods are common culprits for these types of  stains. You can remove the stain with supplies found readily around the home.

  1. Sprinkle a lemon half with baking soda. Rub the baking soda-covered lemon over  the dark ring inside the Tupperware, squeezing the lemon, as you do, to get the  juice on the stain.
  2. Lay a towel down outside or near an open window in a sunny location. Place the  Tupperware container on top of the towel, with the lemon juice and baking soda  mixture still on the surface. Wait for the Tupperware container to air-dry. The  sun will work, in conjunction with the lemon juice, to help bleach out the stain.
  3. Rinse out the Tupperware container with water. If any dark stain remains, fill  the container with undiluted white vinegar high enough to cover the stain and  leave it in for 10 minutes.
  4. Empty out the Tupperware container. Add a few drops of dish washing liquid  inside the container and scour it with a dish scrubber. Rinse out the container  and dry it with a clean towel.



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