Tupperware Opportunity

The Life You Deserve!

When you decide to join the Tupperware family, just start with a party. And don’t worry. Always remember at Tupperware, help is at hand from the word go. Your Manager will help you plan, organize and ensure that your first party is a success and is enjoyable. All you have to do is draw up a guest list and fix a date. You can invite neighbors, friends, family and co-workers. Your Manager will help you display products, demonstrate its use and guide you with how to place orders. The goal of your first party is to set dates for future parties with as many people as you can. Just watch as the products sell themselves whilst you make money, and have fun at your first party!


1. You Love Tupperware!

2. Buy all your Tupperware Products at a 25-30% Discount!

3. Set Your Own Schedule!

4. Be Your Own Boss!

5. Have A Party And Receive 25% Commission On All The Sales!

6. Flexible Hours!

7. Monthly Recognitions!

8. Represent A Internationally Well-Known Product!

9. Work At Home!

10.Have Your Own Tupperware Site!

11.No Designated Territory!

12.Opportunities For Advancement!

13.Vehicle Of Your Dreams Monthly Allowance!

14.Free Training!

15.So Many Opportunities To Travel!

No Obligations!

Try Tupperware by committing yourself for only 4-6 Weeks, make your own

schedule and join us on Facebook… come see what all the fuss is about! Join

other women that have tried Tupperware and find out how Tupperware changed

their lives! Stop telling yourself NO and Say YES! Yes to Tupperware it might just

surprise you!

For more information on how to get started you can send me an email at:


You can also contact me on Facebook:


or call me !

Johanne Bonneau

Confident Woman and Tupperware Consultant



(pssst…hey you…yeah you…I see you thinking…you can do all this too you know…just reach out with a phone call or an email and we’ll chat…no obligation, just information…promise)


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