Tupperware FAQs

Does Tupperware Contain BPA or Polycarbonate?

  • BPA, or Bisphenol A, is a chemical used to create polycarbonate plastic.  Claims exist that BPA can cause health problems due its tendency to mimic  estrogen. Although BPA has been deemed safe for humans, the U.S. Food and Drug  Administration and European Food Safety Authority are currently reviewing this  claim by analyzing more than 800 studies. The Tupperware website states that  less than 10 percent of the company’s products are made from polycarbonate  plastic. Tupperware does not use polycarbonate in any children’s products, and  as of March 2010, the company began to use materials besides polycarbonate in  products for sale in Canada and the U.S

Who Invented Tupperware?

  • Earl Tupper, a chemist for the DuPont company, invented Tupperware in 1945.  Tupper developed the products from polyethylene, a material that was introduced  in 1942. The product became widely popular during the 1940s and 1950s, due to  home salesmen like Thomas Damigella and Brownie Wise who worked for Stanley Home  Products, the corporation that implemented the home party plan, which later came  to be known as the “Tupperware Party.” By 1958, Earl Tupper’s company was so  successful that he was able to sell the corporation and retire for  life.

What Products Does Tupperware Sell?

  • In addition to food storage bowls and kitchen organization tools like serving  spoons and measuring cups, Tupperware also sells cutlery and dishes for  microwave cooking. The corporation also creates tumblers with lids intended for  children, as well as salt and pepper shakers and a Chic Dining line that  includes wine glasses and flutes. The website sells a fresh herb planting system  for growing herbs in the kitchen, as well as a cook  book.

Where can I buy Tupperware products from ?

You can buy Tupperware products from a consultant  nearest to you . Tupperware does not sell it’s products from retail outlets.

Are Tupperware products covered under life time Guarantee ?

Yes, Tupperware products come with a life time guarantee .Most Tupperware products are guaranteed to perform under  normal domestic use for the life time of the product.

The only products not covered by the life time guarantee are those few items which come under Quality guarantee with the “Q” symbol- these products however are still guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects. Current products under this category are Vegetable Peeler , Ice cream Scoop ., Kit bags , water dispenser tap etc.

What is covered by Lifetime Guarantee

Manufacturing quality issues like warping , stress cracking , peeling , splitting and any specific functional issues in normal non- commercial use are covered by life time guarantee .

Melamine products are covered for a guarantee of 7 years only.



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